error using dinc command

any clue why i would be getting this using an EtherLite 162. The ports setup withour error

root@localhost dev]# dinc -8N1s 9600 ttya03
ttya03: Invalid cross-device link
Couldn’t link lockfile name.
[root@localhost dev]#

I’m not sure what would cause that error, but what OS is this? Which driver version?

As far as checking if this is a valid serial port, try the following:

stty -a < /dev/ttya03

If you get good output, at least you’ll know the serial port is valid and troubleshoot this further as a software/application error specific to dinc.

In your example, it looks as though the full path to the device is not entered.


dinc -8N1s 9600 /dev/ttya03