Error when faxing: modem in use by another program

Receiving the following when faxing from 3rd party application:

modem “standard 56000bps Modem’ attached to com3 on machine is in use by another program

Using Digi OneSp on 2012 server. The modem is an external hayes accura v92

Have you tried changing the COM port of the RealPort virtual serial port to something else like COM4 for example? Then you may need to also change the COM port of the modem to the same number, otherwise uninstall and re-install it.

Yes. We changed the port, assigned the new port to the modem. We re-install the modem, and digi. Still receive message that it was in use.

Have you contacted tech support for the 3rd party application that’s generating the error?

The vendor recommended that we contact Digi. They are out of ideas. Thanks.

My best suggestion for you is to look in Windows Device Manager to see if any other devices are using any COM ports, to ensure there is no conflict with the Digi COM port. Then I suggest trying to open that COM port with the PuTTY terminal application. If PuTTY can open the port then that tells me there’s actually no conflict.

Beyond that, you could try doing a loopback test on the serial port in question. The Digi One SP should ship with a loopback plug. Once connected to the COM port, simply type something on the keyboard. If you see what you’re typing then loopback is working (giving us further confidence the port is in working order hardware-wise).

Oh, and you can also look dig in RealPort properties, of the Digi One SP, in Device Manager, in the MultiPortSerial category, to try to identify what (if any) other application already has the COM port open, if there is really a conflict. Please refer to this KB article (details towards the bottom) for more info: