Etherlite 160 Power

We have a spare Etherlite 160 (50000986-04 C) in our server room. I was trying to install it, but failed to bring it up (the led is off, when plug in the power). I suspect that it may be a bad power supply, but I measure the output, it shows the following (from left to right)

P1 +12v
P2 - no pin
P3 -12v
P4 - 5V
P5, P6 - seems to be grounds

I would like to confirm if it is the right output from the power supply. Before I spend any more time on this.


Actually we number the pins the opposite way as follows:
pin color voltage
1 green ground
2 black common
3 brown +5volts
4 white -12volts
5 no pin
6 red +12volts

If your P4 - 5V is +5volts, you have it right.

Thanks for the information, the voltage is right (I missed the + on pin 3). I got the led tune on after I push the connector more. However, I was not able to access the server.

After power on - the LED
The “LAN” led flash twice, then stay on; then “on” led fast flash ~ 3 seconds, stay on. The “Lan” led turn of ~ 2 sec then stay on.

I have pc com port connect to port 1 with baudrate set to 19200 and type “#” continuously when powerup, and did not see any response. I have line monitor on and see the “#” sent from PC; the DSS was presented from Etherlite when power up - “DTR” “RTS” “DTEdata”. I doulbe check the pinout for RJ45 to DB9, and confirmed it via the line monitor.

From Wireshark, there is no packet sent from Etherlite.

Currently, we are using portserver 16; the reason I am trying to setup this one, because we need higher speed then 57600 which portserver 16 can support.

I was not able to find any other information in the company about the Etherlite. Is there a way to “restore” the factory default on Etherlite ?


This would be a useful article for troubleshooting issues with an Etherlite:

As for factory defaulting the unit, there is no way to do this. If trying to get to it over the network doesn’t work, I’d recommend the Etherlite Boot Console (mentioned and linked to in the preceding article-link)

I went through the boot console via port 1, and it did not give me any prompt. From my line monitor, the port 1 has DTR / RTS high - my question is -
Is the port 1 will response to # at 19200 regardless of its configuration ? If I have port 1 setup to dev type Modem / 115200, is it still response to # @ 19200 at power up ?


The settings of the comm port you use to access the Etherlite Boot Console HAVE to be 19200, 8 databits, 1 stop bit, no parity, as mentioned in the following article:

Make sure the unit is disconnected from the network.

Also, if you are using Hypterminal, you will want to limit your serial cable to 3 wires - TX, RX and GD.