Etherlite-32 Factory Reset

I have quite a few old EL-32’s I would like to reset to factory settings. What is the easiest way to accomplish this and what is the factory default login and Password.

There is no means for factory defaulting these units, as they do not contain any password or settings other than the IP/network settings.

What exactly would you like to accomplish with these units?

We are looking at excessing them from our inventory and our computer security team states that all our information must be deleted from the equipment. So I was hoping to just reset to factory defaults.

The only information that could be stored on the unit would be the IP, subnet mask, etc… The easiest way to change this information would be to use the DGIPSERV program from the Digi web site for Microsoft Windows or the dgipserv program with UNIX drivers.

The units also use DHCP to store this information at boot up.

That is what I needed. Thanks