rebooting Etherlite 2 remotely

I can’t figure out how I can reboot an Etherlite 2 device remotely via the network. The device I need to reboot is already setup on the network, but it is a pain to reset these at remote locations (especially trying to explain what one looks like to a non-techie). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What operating system?

Win2k. I was actually wondering about the same thing. Does anyone have any more details about doing this from a Win2k workstation?

A way to do this via Win 2000/XP would be great. I figured there was a way to telnet into the box and initiate the reboot that way…but I haven’t been able to figure it out.

This functionality will be added with the next version of DgIpServ to come out (reboot option is added to the interface).

The utility is currently in the process of being release tested, though I have no availability date to promise. Barring unforeseen problems during the release testing, all I can say is it shouldn’t be too much longer.

What I have discovered:
Etherlites do not offer telnet as far as I am aware.
Under NT with the STS (non-realport) firmware in the the unit, you can apparently use elsreset.
Under Win2k using Dgipserv, you can issue a reset given the MAC and IP addresses of the unit.

You have no idea how many headaches that new functionality will prevent for me. I look forward to it. Thanks.