Using an image to rebuild a backup server

I have created an image of linux redhat enterprise 4 running realport software. I have copied the image to another identical Dell server. When I restart the backup system the application utilizing realport drivers no longer communicates through the etherlite 2 eia422. The switchover is simply powering down the original server, unplugging the ethernet cables and plugging the same cables into the cloned system. Since both servers and installed software have the same configuration, what else might prevent communication?

I believe there is a 2 minute timeout value on the Etherlites before timing out the original connection.

Is the daemon being restarted on the backup server?

Are there any connect messages for drpd in the /var/log/messages file on the backup server?

Make sure there are no more than 2 connections being established on the EtherLite (it can only handle 2):

/usr/bin/rlogin (IP_of_etherlite)
? sockets
? exit

I followed your recommendation. The system is now up and working.