Etherlite 2 2-ports

I have a big problem with my Etherlite 2
So, i have upgrade the firmware with DgIpServ.exe tool wich have detected my Etherlite box
Then when i install realport driver on my XP, i can’t find my Etherlite box !!!
I try to put the IP adress or the Mac adress myself but when i go to the device manager, i can see that the BOX is DISCONNECTED

anyone have an idea about that ?
hope really that someone can help me :wink:

What firmware version is currently on your EL-2?

v 1.6

The driver installation program and the Digi Device Discovery utility do not detect the EtherLite products. At the bottom of the list (or it may be the only entry if no other detectable Digi devices are installed), you should see “device not listed”. Choose this and you can name the unit and you will have to tell the driver the IP address you have assigned to the EtherLite, and specify how many ports the unit has.
You should then be able to follow the prompts to complete the installation.

yes async that is what i have done but after that i can always not able to reach my Etherlite Box :confused:

I have assigned the IP address of my Etherlite Box + 2 virtual port. Then i add the driver of my modem on this port (COM 10)
but when i check if the modem is responding, it’s not. And i find out that the Etherlite is in a status NOT CONNECTING in my device manager

anybody have another idea please ?

Yes, this should cover it:

If you don’t find the answer in the Etherlite Troubleshooting Guide, I’d recommend opening a support ticket.

It sounds like you may have the Windows software firewall (or some other software firewall ) on your system or possibly a hardware firewall. The RealPort driver requires that port 771 be unblocked. Try stopping the firewall or antivirus program temporarily and see if you can connect.
Another possibility is that Windows (or which ever application you are trying to use with the modem) is checking to see if the modem is connected prior to the RealPort driver being loaded. If it is your application, you can try to delay the start of your application for maybe 10 seconds. If it is Windows, you may have to wait until Windows decides to requery.

ok all is working the problem come from the DB25 modem adapter we have !!!

in the book for Etherlite it said to use RJ-45 to DB-25 adapter P/N 76000450 (DTE to modems).
we have commande RJ-45 to DB-25 modem adapter P/N 76000700 (Modem adapter) and when we check it’s the cable designed pin-jack isn’t the good one !!! it doesn’t met the correct cabling on the book…

So my last question will be what is Modem Adapter (P/N 76000700) for if it doesn’t work with modems ?

thx a lot for your answers guys
have a nice day

The 76000700 cable IS for modems, but its designed for our Portserver products, not Etherlite. The Portserver and Etherlite have different RJ45 pinouts, so that’s why the Portserver cable didn’t work for the Etherlite.

As for the book for Etherlite calling out that cable part number, could you post the part number of the manual you’re referring to, as well as the page you found this information on? I’d like to check whether or not there’s a misprint in one of our manuals and hopefully prevent this from happening again (if there is).


the part number for the cable is 76000450 in the Etherlite manual so no error is in :wink:
just that when we have command the Etherlite, we have mistaken thinking that any DB25 cable is the same no matter type of product we command :wink:

so our fault if we command the wrong product
thx a lot for your help
very fast & efficient
have a nice day