EtherLite 8 - Virtual Ports does it support them?

OK I have my radio hooked up to this and tested the ports they all seem to work ports 1 - 8 but when I try the virtual ports 9-16 they dont; seem to work I did setthem up in the config tool but can;t connect.

Any thoughts.

Can you please advise what operating system and driver version you are using?

The version of Etherlite firmware might be important here as well. Please let us know what firmware version is loaded in the EL-8.

OK I loaded v1.5 onto the EtherLite 8, and I am using the latest set of Drivers Real Port on Windows XP Pro SP1, (SP2 Later) I used the tool DgIpServ v2.9.129.0 to get the number of terminal server ports to 16 and time out to 0.

Any thoughts?