Is it possible to do this with etherlite?

We have a data flow which we’d like to use the Etherlite for. Using a straight cat5 cable, the app doesn’t see the incoming feed. Is there a way to do this or another serial-to-ip product?

In order to better assist, please advise the Operating system version that is running the RealPort driver.

Thanks, Windows 2003 Server SP1.

There are many possible issues.
We make EtherLites with rs232, rs422 and rs485 ports, so, please identify which EtherLite product you are using.
If you are using an EthreLite with the correct type of serial port, I suspect you have a cabling issue, but, it is not clear how you have the serial device connected to the EtherLite’s serial port.
When you say you are using a straight ethernet cable, are you using this on the EtherLite’s serial port?
If yes, you must also be using the correct EtherLite adapter between the rj45 connector and the atached serial device.
If you are not using an EtherLite adapter, the pinouts will be wrong.
Please check the pinouts for the EtherLite ports at this link:
All 3 port types are shown in the various charts.

Sorry I should’ve mentioned that.

We are using rs232 ports, the r45 connector is between the serial device and the etherlite 160 serial port, connected via a straight ethernet cable.

I’ve confirmed pinouts on the rj45 adapter are correct referencing the doc provided.

OK, I have 3 more questions.

  1. Which firmware version is installed?

  2. Which RealPort version is installed?

  3. If you use Hyperterminal to open the com # associated with the physical port, and you plug the EtherLite test loopback into it, do you see the characters you type get displayed in the Hyperterminal session?
    If you don’t have the original loopback, you can do a basic test by shorting the wires of pins 4 ad 5 of an rj45 together. Just don’t use any flow control when you use Hyperterminal.
    Please see this link for details:

  1. v1.6
  2. Driver version 9/21/2007 4.1.353.0
  3. This works as expected.

It sounds like this is likely a cabling issue then. Since loopback works it verifies that the serial port has been created and is useable. It also verifies the driver/firmware in the Etherlite are compatible.

You can find out about cabling here:

You’ll want to use one of the cable adapters with straight-through cat5.