Converting from Etherlite 485/422/232 to PortServer TS

We have a bunch of Etherlite 232/422/485’s and we would like to be able to use Portserver TS 2 MEI’s in their place. Is there and easy way to adapt from the Etherlite’s 8 pin RJ45’s to the PortServers 10 pin RJ45? We would like to be able to just plug in an adapter without having to change the connector (so we can go back and forth between them).


It would be good to have such an adapter, but, no such adapter exists. I do “not” believe there is an easy way to go back and forth without making your adapters.

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Great, we just purchased two of these units for spares; I would hate to have to return them and purchase Etherlite. Let me know when you have it figured out.

Special adapter whouldn’t be hard to make; all we have to do is figure out the pinouts. It would have to be 8-pin RJ45 (female) to 8-pin RJ45 (male) as we don’t have any 10-pin connectors or crimpers.

Is that it, only two pins? Will this work for 232/422/485’s?

I believe we are using two-wire RS485 (Etherlite 2 EIA485’s). Can you give me the adapter configuration for RS422 & RS232 as well? It shouldn’t be a problem to make separate adapters for each.

Sorry, I need to edit my earlier reply.
A "not " was left out. I do not believe there is any way to go to do this without making special adapters.

For 8 pin connectors on both the EtherLite and PS TS MEI

EtherLite PS TS MEI

pin 4 Tx(A)/Rx(A) corresponds to pin 5 Data+ (A)

pin 5 Tx(B)/Rx(B) corresponds to pin 1 Data- (B)

2 wire rs485.
Each connection type will need its own adapter.