Etherlite 32 to Sun Console Serial Console

I am trying to connect Sun (Ultra2 and E420R) serial console to Etherlite 32.

  1. What is should be Pin OUt from RJ45 to DB25 ?
  2. How to connect console directly to Sun using TCP connection to Ehternet ? (telnet ip 2001 ?)


The cable pin out is available here:

There is no telnet ability with EtherLite products. They can only be used in along with a driver.

Damn, if I knew this I wouldn’t have bought an Etherlite.

What good is a terminal server if you can’t connect from any host?

You may want to check with the place you purchased the EtherLite to see if you can return the unit towards the purchase of a PortServer product that does have telnet capability.