How to troubleshoot Etherlite 32

Is there a standard process to follow for troubleshooting Etherlite 32 connectivity issues?

The specific problem I am having is that under WindowsXP, I am trying to connect to a device via the RealPort COM port, but do not get any data sent or received through HyperTerminal. I can ping the Etherlite, I can rlogin to it and can see that the line of interest has a host with my PC’s IP address, and finally if I plug the connector into my locally attached 9pin serial port it works.

I’m at my wits end and don’t really know how to proceed from here. Anyone have any ideas on this?

Thanks in advance.

Do you have a loopback connector to test the Realport connection? If that tests good, then the problem is most likely your cabling. What kind of cable are you using?

First, you need to verify the firmware version in your EtherLite 32.
Which firmware version is installed?
If the unit has the old FAS firmware installed (used in Windows NT, but not in W2k or newer versions), you will need to update the firmware to the current version.

Here is link to some additional troubleshooting tips: