OK, I will start with " I am in over my head " Looking at setting up a Etherlite 32 to allow users to access console ports on systems over the LAN. Can’t quite figure out how to set this up. I have a Windows 2003 Server I plan to use, I have configured the EL 32 with IP and now I am trying to figure out what or how to set the Server to manage the ports and users access and think I am missing something. Could someone please give me a general idea of where I should be looking to get a general guide on how to set this up? Or what I need to do this? Thanks

You will need to install the RealPort driver on your Windows system. This will give you COM ports to communicate with on the Windows host. You can then use something like Hyperterminal to connect to the EtherLite COM ports that are wired to your console ports.

The driver is available here:

I did Load the Driver and have looked at the Digi admin. What I think I am looking for is a Users guide on how to configure users? If this is even possible without additional software. I need to set this up so that Only authorized users can access the ports on the EL 32 to access their console ports that are connected. Does that make sense?

Can I use the Terminal Server App in Windows 20003 server for this?