Installing old Etherlite/232/422/485s

We had a server crash and I am reinstalling the drivers for our old Etherlite 232/422/485’s. I’m using the new driver 40002164_W. They seem to be installing OK, but in the device manager the second port is coming up as "Standard Realport(COMXX) where the COMXX is not the com port it’s setup for. I have comfirmed that the second port is setting up as the correct number, but I haven’t has a chance to do a loop-back test to comfirm. I’m installing on WIN2000 server.

The Realport driver will only “choose” useable comm ports on your server. Have you verified that the desired comm port number isn’t already in use by something else?

The other “Windows” issue to be aware of is that of phantom ports. See the following article for a description and instructions on their removal if that be the case:

I figured out what the problem was, it was the new driver I was using (the one from this site). I used the old driver and it works OK.