Etherlite 8, no com ports show

I am trying to get a this unit working on Win 2000 without success. Using the boot console, i was able to set the Ip address and ping the device. Both LEDs are on steady. The problem is that no additional com ports show up on my computer.

I had the device working on NT 4.0. Two years ago I took it out of service and now have a need for it. There is probably some thing that I am overlooking. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Dan Hol

I don’t see any mention of which driver you’re using on your Win2k server, or what firmware is in the Etherlite 8. Please furnish at least the firmware version, so we can tell which driver you should use. If this is other than Realport firmware, you will be asked to upgrade to it so the Realport driver can be used. The driver is what actually creates the com ports on your Windows server.