Not able to get EtherLite 2 to work


I’m having some problems with an EtherLite 2 unit.

I can PING the unit
I can TELNET the unit on port 771
I can’t HTTP to the unit
I can’t TELNET unit on port 2001/2002
I can VERLOG unit. It gives me the following information:

EL-2 RealPort Server
Product: EL-2
FW Ver: V1.6
Ethernet: 00:A0:E7:23:82:FE
SN Mask:
Uptime: 712 sec
Boot Host:
Bootfile: elr2.prm
VP Ports: 2
VP Timeout: 10 decisec
Optimize: throughput
TFTP of Bootfile succeeded

What have I done wrong ?

From Windows I get no respone from devices attached to ports. I have also tried the loopback adapter to no luck.

Please help!

Thanks in advance,

:slight_smile: Jens

This all looks normal. You cannot telnet to the ports of EtherLite units and there is no web server on these units. For these features you would want to obtain our PortServer TS product.

With regards to connectivity issues within Windows, what driver and operating system version are you running?