Etherlite and hylafax

We are searching a way to connect many serial modem to a vmware ESX virtual machine, this server would run hylafax as fax server software.

We have already tested the modems with real serial port (even in the virtual environment) the problem is that the bare metal has a limited number of serial ports and moreover we cannot use vmware ESX features like vmotion with virtual machine bounded to real serial ports.

Etherlite and serial ports reached by TCP/IP seems the perfect solution, but we would like to know of any experience with etherlite serial port servers and hylafax.

Any help/experience appreciated!

Thank you in advance

Davide Pagnin
IT Customer Care
Delta System SPA

I have used Hylafax and EtherLites in Linux without any problems.

I have not used this in a VMware environment though (it is not supported). Since, the EtherLite product will not work without the driver, you may want to confirm the driver will install successfully in the underlying O.S. first.

Thanks for the reply.

Anyway, I’m not going to install etherlite driver on the vmware ESX server.

I’m thinking of installing etherlite drivers on linux installed on one of the Virtual Machines of vmware ESX.

So, you’re telling me that on linux on a bare metal hardware everything worked well (that is a very good starting point for my plan).

How the thing is going to perform on a linux on a virtual machine is to be discovered!