Best virtual server for PortServer?

Been running Virtual Iron (uses Xen Server as a base) for over a year now, and got two Digi PortServers working (TS 1 and TS 2), but the Faxmodem they connected to (a USR 56k and a MultiTech) would both have issues.

Digi support was helping me narrow down the issues – which was some error that would make the Windows XP fax software think the modem disconnected periodically. But I stopped since Virtual Iron was just purchased by Oracle.

Oracle has Oracle VM now which will incorporate Virtual Iron later this year.

But I am wondering what is the best (or what works successfully) for a virtual server/environment for a Digi PortServer?

VMware? Xen Server? Microsoft’s Hyper-V? Oracle VM even?

What has worked for you? Or what is recommended and tested?

What I am running is a virtualized Windows XP Pro machine that uses Windows fax software to talk to the faxmodem. Works fine not virtualized and with a real modem. Sure it could be the Digi PortServers and virtualized Windows XP, but just thought I’d see other people’s experiences with virtual servers.


Though VMWare isn’t an OS we test our drivers against and therefore don’t officially support, I have heard of customers having success using our Realport driver with it.