Port Server TS over different VLAN

We are running a portserver ts out in our warehouse. Currently it is on a small 3com switch [due to lack of additional ports at the station it is at] on the 20 VLAN on our cisco catalyst switches. The machine that is running the RealPort software is on the same switch, and thus the same VLAN. [20 is for our client computers]

We are looking to remove this system and run it on a virtual machine, which is on our server lan [running vmware], which is 10. So, to recap, the digi box is on VLAN 20, we want to run it with the virtual server which is on VLAN 10. I know other devices have had issues with routing over different VLANS/Subnets, is the portserver going to be one of them? As of now, the digi software wont find the portserver on the virtual machine.