Portserver TS Setup over WAN

Hi all,

I have two WAN locations where we have serial weighbridges connected to Digi Portserver TS2’s.

At a central site I have an Office 2003 based terminal server running on VMWare ESX.

I also have a 3rd Digi PS TS2 for use in testing attached to a switch on a different virtual LAN from the server.

If I run auto detect on the server, I don’t see any of the 3 devices. If I manually install the driver and connect each device, the two WAN devices do not connect but the one on the segregated vlan does…

I can telnet both devices at the WAN sites and ping in both directions (server to the TS, TS to the server). I can traceroute back and forth. I can open the management console and view the TS port activity via Port Authority.

I’m at a bit of a loss for where to go next. Any assistance would be appreciated,

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Sry to self promote but anyone got any ideas?

I’m not really sure what the problem may be.
However, if you can telnet and ping the various TSs, it would seem the routing is OK. Something could be blocking some of the ports we use. Port 771 is used by RealPort. Port 2362 is used by the Discovery utility.
Port 8080 is used by the browser. If any of these ports are blocked by any switch, router, or service provider, this could account for the problems you are experiencing. In addition, You should check the security settings of TS units. You may have disabled some of the services you are now trying to use.
I would start with checking if any ports are blocked.
If they are not blocked, then you should open a support ticket/case. If you do so, please get back up copies of your TS units’ configuration files so you can attach them to the case.