Etherlite EL-16 Cables - EIA-232 RJ-45 8-pin to RJ-45 8-pin

So I’ve been reading the forums and I have a few links saved in regards to the Digi cabling standards for Cisco interfacing…

Basiclly I’d like to plug one end into a Digi Etherlite EL16 and one into various Cisco hardware console ports…

EIA-232 RJ-45 8-pin to RJ-45 8-pin

My problem is I don’t know exactly where to begin when I read the charts to make the cables. What pinout standards do I start with to then create these cables?



Is this the TIA 568 A or B standard? What colors go into the 1-8?

So when I read some of the info at those links…

4 RxD TxD 3
5 TxD RxD 6
6 SG SG 5

Does it mean from the standard pinout move them to the above locations in the RJ-45 head?

Why cant the charts just tell you the pinouts by color? Wouldn’t that be easier? But I cannot find such simple information online.

I’m not being lazy, but I don’t care to learn all about cables - I know how to make some straight through, rolled and cross-over cables - but there are tons of docs that present how in COLORS :slight_smile: I’m just looking for the same to create these…

Any help would be greatly appreciated… I’m sure it would help many others and I plan to share on my blog the results of the help…

I’m not exactly clear on what you are asking.

Colors cannot be used as various cables use different colors (there is no color standard).

The first link you provided shows exactly how the cable is wired for the EtherLite product. The second link looks to be for another Digi product and will not work with the EtherLite units.

Also, it should be noted that the cable ends are not interchangeable, the Cisco end must plug into the Cisco console and the other end into the Digi unit. So, it would be a good idea to label each end of the cable.

Hey userid0 …

“The first link you provided shows exactly how the cable is wired for the EtherLite product.”

Go easy on me, I don’t totally get it. If I picked up a standard straight-through Ethernet cable already crimped, what would I do next? That’s the part I don’t understand where to go from.

Do I clip both ends and where 1-8 are replace per that link?

I may be asking a very obvious question so please bear with me :slight_smile:

Sorry Lenny, We do not understand your last comments?

I don’t know if this helps, but it may be easier if you just order these cables thru us, or have a cable company make them for you. We provide 6ft long cables and part numbers are noted in the earlier link you provided:

Or if you need them longer than 6ft, we’d suggest cable companies that will make them for you. Here’s a list, we work most with “The Wyte Haus”.

Hope this helps. If you still have problems, please enter a support case so we can properly track and respond:

OK - sorry for the confusion…

If I took a standard RJ-45 cable with no connectors.

How would I know which (color) wire goes into which pin slot on the RJ-45 connector?

I think the point of confusion is that there is no official rj45 standard for serial ports so we recommend matching the pin and signal. However if you look at a standard 568B straight-thru Ethernet cable you can use these colors on the Digi side of the cable.

Using this diagram you would build your cable like this.
Digi Cisco
1 orange/white ----------- pin8
2. Not used
3. green/white-------------pin2
4. blue ----------------------pin3
5. blue/white--------------pin6
6. green--------------------pin5
7. white/brown-----------pin7
8. brown-------------------pin1

Hope this helps

Wingmaster1800!! Yes! This is exactly what I needed :slight_smile:

I will give it a shot and post my results!

Thanks again!