Etherlite/RealPort logfiles for HP-UX

After many years we are moving our application to HP-UX 11, and updating the Etherlite driver and firmware from FAS to RealPort. The old FAS driver in HP-UX 10.20 would create a log file in /tmp and log ONLINE, OFFLINE, and other problems. It would also put ONLINE/OFFLINE messages in syslog and dmesg. Is there any similar logging available from the RealPort driver? All I see is a line in syslog when a unit goes offline. I would hate to have to rlogin to 8 or more units to see if I can start up my application.

Yes, disconnection messages are logged in the system log.

Thanks. Is there any way to log connection/ONLINE status, as the FAS driver did? When we reboot the HP server, let’s say after a power failure or network outage, how do we know if the Etherlites out on the factory floor are up? They all need to be connected or our application will hang.
I don’t want to tell the user to ping as many as 13 different Etherlites.