EL160 XP system logs warning

XP system logs display lots of warning (coming from Com 3 to Com 18) saying

“Serial Port Com X could not be opened for system. The remote device cannot be reached. Please wait a moment and try again, then check that device is online.”

Later, the system log posted "The driver reestablished the network connection to device standard RealPort Device (

The standard RealPort driver is 3.6.325.0 and the firmware for EL160 is v1.6. I am not making any connection with the com ports, but I am getting these kind of annoying warning in XP event logs.

Is something wrong with the settings? How can I get rid of these warnings? Any suggestion?

If the RealPort driver loses contact with the EtherLite, and subsequently re-establishes the connection, the events are recorded in the event viewer by the default settings of the driver. You can uncheck this option if you desire. This is done through the device manager, Multiport serial adapters, EtherLite, properties, Advanced, properties, with the EtherLite selected, select the Advanced tab, uncheck the option.

Thank you! Now I know how to disable it if I want.