ethernet !

Hello,Can anyone tell me how do I send 100 Mbits/sec(or close to 100) from Net50 while PC receiving the packet at the other end and counting number of packets received. At Net50 end: for (; :wink: { note current time; sendthepacket; sleep; add the time; if packetnumber = million print the total time to send the packets; } At PC end: for (; :wink: { recv the packet; count++; } Is this correct ? If my packet size is 1kbyte and I do not sleep at all, I see million packets send in 785 sec … which gives me (1000000 * 1024 * 8)/785 = 9.95Mbits/ sec only. Is my approach correct ? I am using Net50 development board. Thanks, S, Ay

Hello Solomon, are you using a TCP connection? The TCP/IP stack needs also some time to generate a packed. Volker