Exit code 715?

I’m using an RCM3400. It’s been used in this product for several years now, but I’m fairly new to it and I’m doing an overhaul on the code. I just started trying to bring up the analog inputs and began getting a dialog box that states “Program Terminated. Exit Code 715.” every time I run the program. If I remove the single line that references the ADC (anaInConfig(0, 0, ADC_SCLKBAUD);), the program runs fine.

The only reference I’ve been able to find to the 715 value is in the errmsg.ini file in the main DC folder, and it states that it’s a “Bad parameter passed to I/O function.” Does this ring any bells with anyone?

Running DC 9.52, RCM3400, Windows XP pro SP3. Thanks.


#use RCM40xx.LIB


brdInit(); //somewhere in the code :slight_smile:

moreover the adc channels should be initialized:
(from “anaIn” description)
“First time call of this function will enable the A/D converter and will take approximately 1 second to ensure the device capacitor is fully charged.”

When I am writing a program for my project which is based on Temperature Control by using anaIn(channel, SINGLE, gaincode) where channel and gaincode are previously defined in the program then also i am facing this trouble. Dont know exactly what does it mean??? And how i will able to come out of this trouble.
I am using RCM4000…