Extended Modem messages not always output

I am programming the XBee module with USB using my own program in API mode.
I want to debug the connection process in a router and have turned on the Extended Modem Messages.

Initially this worked well and I could see lots of modem status messages.
Sometimes I get no messages, even though the system connects and communicates.

Can anyone explain this behavior? I should ALWAYS get a ‘not connected’ message regardless of how the system is programmed?


I don’t know which module you are referring to. It would depend on if the module was already associated or Joined to an existing network or not. If the module thinks it is already associated to a network, then no I would not expect it.

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The module is an XBee S2C set as a router. I assumed that I would see the connect status even if it already has an association? OR does it associate to the network BEFORE I get to see the messages?

If the network coordinator is turned off, would that make a difference?