Extracting timestamp from xbee3 device

Device: Digi xbee3 mesh kit (Firmware: 802.15.4, 200D).

Is there a way to read time stamp from xbee3 device of API frame sent/receive ?

I am able to extract the timestamp of a receive message

def my_data_received_callback(xbee_message):
        rcvd_msg = xbee_message.data.decode()
        epoch_time = xbee_message.timestamp

But how can I extract the timestamp from xbee3 device of a message that is being sent with:

device.send_data_async(remote_device, data)

Thank you,

The IEEE 802.15.4 network is not a synchronized network. They do not have a timer that is shared between modules. There is not a way to do what you want.