Route information packet


I am using 4 series 1 xbee module 2.4ghz PRO.
They works fine and are connected together in a network that i can discover using the xctu software.


  1. Could I have some more additional information about the field " time stamp" in the route information packet? It is clear that is an indication of the route information packet time instant generation but which is the unit? (usecond, millisecond?) I need it to evaluate time delay on the network.

  2. If I send send a TX API request to a module with a destination address of a node that isn’t in the neighbors, i was aspecting to receive a route information with inside the address of the node that routes my message to the final address. But in the fields 64bit dest. address, 64bit source address, 64 bit responder address and 64 bit receiver address i find always the address of the destination node. I am sure that the packet has been routed because on the source node I cannot see the destination node as a neighbors node. Can you help me into understand?

The time stamp function you are referring to is in ms time and is determined by the application and not the radios.

Sorry but may be I was not clear!
The time stamp field is a 4 byte long value, it is a 32bit signed word. The value can be also negative.
This field il filled by the node that receive a packet with the field option setted to 11 ( NACK) or 12 (route inf. packet).
It is not generated by the application (XCTU, you mean?)
May be you are referring to the time stamp in Hours, minute, seconds and mseconds that appear on xctu log console as soon you send or receive an API frame.