Failed to install Digi Realport on your system. (Code 14)

Is it possible to install Digi Realport on Windows 7 64 bits?

The Current RealPort 4.5 driver does support Windows 7 64bit. I have seen that error code 14 when installing a old version of RealPort in Windows 7.

Here is a Link to the RealPort 4.5 driver:

RealPort 4.5 driver

Go to the Driver section and select Windows 7 for the operating system. Then click on the top link which is the RealPort 4.5 driver.


RealPort Driver installation failing with Code 14 might be related to not installing as Administrator or a temporary Windows problem and you need to reboot Windows, see:

Install an older version of the driver that works, I had the same problem. Win XP version 4.7 worked correctly.,v=1