Fails in Watchport/T Sensor in iDigi DIA project


I am trying to collect temperature data from Xbee Sensor Adaptor with Watchport/T sensor through ConnectPort X8 as iDigi DIA project. But it fails. Please give me any suggestion.

I got an old Drop-in Networking kit with ConnectPort X8. I updated firmware of Xbee and ConnectPort. IDE is Digi ESP for Python_2.1.

I made this project as iDigi DIA project on Digi ESP. Of course, I have Device Cloud account. I added Watchport/T Temperature Sensor Element to dia.yml with Smart Project Editor. And I set required setting items. I have no problem on Xbee network. I check it with web administration interface of ConnectPort X8.

Then ‘Run As’ -> ‘Remote iDigi DIA’ then starts to build. Build successfully finishes and python firmware starts in ConnectPort X8. But I got error message like below. What is the cause?
Thanks in advance.


#> python

Launching Dia framework …

Dia auto-detect of rapid reboot DISABLED
Running in environment: digiconnect
iDigi Device Integration Application Version
Source settings file: WEB/python/
Destination settings file: WEB/python/dia.pyr
Core: initial garbage collection of 0 objects.
Core: post-settings garbage collection of 10 objects.
Core: Starting Tracing Manager…
Core: Starting Scheduler…
Core: Starting Channel Manager…
Core: Starting Device Driver Manager…
Core: Starting Presentation Manager…
Core: Starting Services Manager…
Core services started.
WARNING:watchport_t0:Xmission failure, will retry.
WARNING:watchport_t0:Xmission failure, will retry.
WARNING:watchport_t0:Xmission failure, will retry.

Additional information.
I opened the cabinet of ConnectPort and monitored TXD and RXD lines of the Xbee.
The micro sends Xbee:
0x7E, 15bytes, 0x17, FRM-ID,destination ID, destination ID(16-bit), 00, 0x31, 0x53, checksum
The micro sends ‘remote command request’ of ‘1S’ command to the sensor Xbee.
The response is:
0x7E, 15bytes, 0x97, FRM-ID,destination ID, destination ID(16-bit), 0x31, 0x53, 0x02, checksum

What does the response ‘0x02’ mean?

I got it.

The firmware installed to Xbee Sensor Adapter was wrong. I wrote ZIGBEE ROUTER AT firmware as described in ‘Upgrading from ZNet 2.5 to ZB’ guide. But it is not correct.
‘ZIGBEE ROUTER SENSOR’ (2421) is correct. I caught temperature date at last.

Let’s go to the next step!