fashed incorrect BSP to connectme - help


I’m having a problem that perhaps others have seen.

I’m bringing up the ConnectME and working through the NET+Works with GNU Tools Getting Started Guide - specifically page 50 ( http://www.digi.com/pdf/prd_ds_connectcore9c_gnuguide.pdf) and the reader is instructed to change file /cygdrive/c/netos63_gnu/src/bsp/platforms/connectcore9c_a/bsp.h and gdb.h, recompile under ConnectCore 9c and ftp rom.bin to the target.

The problem is, the target accepted the image i.e.
FTP: Flash download complete.
Resetting system in 10 seconds.

But after that my target no longer boots.

My question is, is there an error in the documentation?

I think this because under /cygdrive/c/netos63_gnu/src/bsp/platforms, there is a directory for connectme and a directory for connectcore9c_a. The documentation did not mention to go the appropriate product directory i.e. connectme but specifically connectcore9c_a.

I believe this may be in error because the original BSP in flash appears to have been overwritten with an inoperative version.

Is connectcore9c a different product than connectme?

Any ideas how I can recover my target?

All comments are appreciated.