FAT file system on BL4S110 using Dynamic C 10.50

Hi All,

I’m trying to implement and use a FAT filesystem in my design on the BL4S110. My first step was to try and get some of the provided samples up and running (particularly ‘fat_create.c’ and ‘fat_shell.c’). I haven been unsuccessful on getting these programs to run on my board. They compile, but I get the following error once the .bin has been downloaded to the board: ‘While Debugging: Time out while waiting for response from Target’.

Am I wrong in assuming based on the documentation that the BL4S110 supports FAT file system on it’s 1M serial flash?

Does anyone have any advice or has had any luck on using ‘fat_create.c’ or ‘fat_shell.c’ on the BL4S100 or BL4S110?

Thanks for any advice/insight/help,


If you are not storing a lot of data, look into:

readUserBlock() and writeUserBlock()

I use that on the BL2100 in place of the FAT file system. Much easier to use.

Normally the error that you see is the processor doing something fatal during the debug. Step thru each procedure if possible and see which one is the cause.

Just my 2 cents.

Regards, David