BL4S100 waiting target response timeout

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I compile the source file like DEMO1.c on dynamic 10.70 with USB programming cable connected with BL4S100, but there are some errors like BL4S100 waiting target response timeout. I don’t know what’s wrong? It’s my first time to use BL4S100. My computer is Win 7. I need help. Thanks.

When you installed Dynamic C, did you have your board powered up and connected via the programming cable?

If not, uninstall and reinstall Dynamic C with board powered up and attached to the PC via the cable.

If this doesn’t take care of the problem, try going to Device Manager, in the USB COM port’s “Advanced Settings” dialog box there is a “Latency Timer (msec)” selection drop-list. It was found that reducing the latency setting from the (apparent) default of 16 msec to a much smaller value (1 or 2 or 3 msec) resulted in much better performance and problems with frequent target communication errors. Experiment a little and use the highest latency setting that doesn’t cause frequent TC errors.

I also suggest that you download our current release of Dynamic C 10.72

Thank you very much. Finally, I resolve the problem as you said. Now it can be compiled…

Thanks very much …

it is because the rate is too big, you need to change it. Options>Project Options and choose a lower Max download baud rate, and the most probably is that you need to change too the default degugging rate to the lower lever.

Sometimes lowering the baud rate could make things worse. This time it seems to have been the latency timer.

Hi, guys, Thank you for your help, Lowing the baud rate is Ok and I think the both baud rates should be same. I have a new question Do you know why this sentence
printf (“\x1B=%c%c%s”, 8, 5, " <<< Digital inputs 00 - 11 >>>") will show the string at (8,5) at the dynamic C stuio window. I know \x1B is 27 in decimal which is ESC. but I don’t why this sentence makes this result. Thanks…