FAT xD & Windows

Trying to Read xD card from Windows that has had a file created & modified by the rabbit. (RCM 3365)

I’m using a modified version of the fat_create.c sample.

I’ve tried writting to Part[0] & Part[4] (i suspect Part [4] is the xD card).

But when the card is plugged into an XP box - the card is blank.

Any thoughts?



FAT configuration

Drivers (total 1)…
Type: NF initFunc 2AAB callback 0000
–> Device 0: ID 0000 timeout 0000 flags 001F callback 0000 sig NFLASH-0
–> Device 1: ID 0001 timeout 0000 flags 002F callback 0000 sig

Part[0] (Not NULL partition)
Part[4] (Not NULL partition)

fat_AutoMount() succeeded with return code 0.
Read 15 bytes:
Hello, world!

All OK.