FatShell xD Card

FatShell.c doesn’t list files I have saved on the xDcard. The files are on the card if I remove it from the Rabbit and read it with the PC card reader and FatShell does list files I have saved on the on board Nand chip of the RCM.
I’m sure it used to work on RCMs without the onboard NAND chip.
Why doesn’t / How do I Make FatShell.c see the files on the xDCard?

The XD cards on the PC (and cameras) use an Olympus proprietary wear leveling wrapper around the underlying FAT format. We were unable to obtain a license to use this system and therefore bypass it and work with the card in a more raw form. This means that for the Rabbit to recognize the XD files, the card must be formatted by either a Rabbit core module or the Rabbit USB Removable Memory Card reader. Any other XD reader will not work with a ‘Rabbit’ formatted card and will format a card for Olympus PC usage. It sounds like your card is formatted for the PC (Olympus format), not the Rabbit. You will need to reformat the card using one of the FAT sample utilities. If you want to be able to remove cards and share the information with the PC, you will need the USB based Rabbit XD card reader which can be found here:

Rabbit XD Reader