Pb with USB XD card reader

I use a RCM 3365 with a XD memory card. I have formatted the card and created, written, read, deleted, … files with samples programs : evrything is OK.
When I want to read the files with a PC, using the green USB removable card reader, the PC shows an empty device : no directories, no files.
The USB removable card reader seems to run correctly : I can write a file on the XD card with the PC (but the file is not seen by the RCM 3365).
The XD card has only one partition.
Where is the problem ? How can I find the solution ?
Thank you for help.

From memory, this has to do with XD (Olympus cameras?) has a propriety filesystem they use on their XD cards. Your USB XD card reader uses this filesystem, whereas Rabbit uC dont have access to this. Thats why the two systems cannot read each others files.


XD Picture cards (from Minolta) use a proprietary file system. That’s why Rabbit has developped a converter : the Rabbit USB (green) reader. If the reader cannot establish the link between a RCM3365 and a PC, what is its purpose ?
I’d like that Rabbit give me some indications, and maybe complementary tools to let me solve my problem ! Or that someone who has used such devices tell me their results.


The cards were developed by Olympus and Fujifilm, and introduced into the market in July 2002. Toshiba Corporation and Samsung Electronics manufacture the cards for Olympus and Fujifilm. (Wiki :P) All XD cards from all manufacturers as far as I know is intercompatible, so they are all using the same propriety file system.

I havent worked with the reader you are talking about. But if you are working with a RCM3365, why dont you write the data on the XD card out of the Ethernet port or a serial port. But ok I can understand if your application requires the cards to be removable.

Just a final question from me, are you using the Dynamic C FAT software module, or are you block writing the XD card without a file system?

As for Rabbit helping you on this forum, dont get your hopes up. This is not a Rabbit support forum, but a Rabbit Users support forum. If you want garuanteed input from Rabbit, youll have to open a ticket $$.

Good luck.

Thank you for your help.
In my application, there is no possibility to use a PC or connect a PC to the system due to many constraints. The only way to get data from the system is to use removable devices.
I have used many samples programs provided by Rabbit to do my tests, all of them use the FAT File system (especialy Fat_shell.c and Fmt_Device.c). The XD card runs correctly when inserted in the RCM3365 module, but the files ont the XD card are not seen by the PC when inserted in the USB reader from Rabbit (the explorer windows shows an empty device. All the recommandations to use the USB reader from Rabbit are OK : FAT File system version, only 1 partition.
(The PC does’nt see the files on the XD card, but it corrupts the data on the files by ‘write’ operations)

From what I read about the Rabbit US reader, it should work.
All I can further suggest you check is to see if both the Rabbit and reader are using 16 bit or 8 bit FAT.
Good luck