RCM3365 - FAT FIlesystem problem


I try to compile an sample program “FAT_create.c” from FAT Kit to the RCM3365 board. I keep getting the error FAT_CONFIG>LIB : Board type does not support FAT filesystem. Any guys here can help what is wrong? I am using the DC9.62. Also, according to spec. this board can only support up to 128M XD card. But i can not find any 128M XD card. the smallest that i can found is 1G. could it be this is cause of the problem.

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I found this link
But, I have no idea if it applies to you.

I am an newbie with rabbit boards, so can not help you any more.

Tim S


Im not sure why your fat program isn’t working, but on the XD card issue, I can confirm, at least for the RCM3365 boards, they only suppport up to 128MB XD cards. So a 1GB card would not be recognised by your device.