Hi all,
We have designed a device with XB3-24Z8UM-J module for wireless communication. Testing the device in laboratory to certificate it we have discovered that it failed in radiated immunity (10V/m field).
Analyzing the problem in depth we have discover that the problems are in frequencies between 80 and 84MHz and they get the PCB through the XB3 antenna cable.
My doubt is if it should be possible to install a low frecuency ferrite en this antenna cable without affecting the range of the wireless communication.
What do you think?


I would expect a shielded cable to resolve that.

The cable is a micro coaxial cable where the outer conductor works as an electromagnetic shield. And this is not working

No it would not as the radio already has protection to remove low frequencies from the antenna.

It is more likely that the antenna cable ground is becoming the antenna, that is not the internal RF path. Or the signal could be traveling through the power supply.