Filtered Network Discovery?

I have a network that consists of two types of devices, let’s call them type A and type B. Is there any way to issue a network discovery command and only receive responses from device type B? Type A and B must still be on the same network together.

No, the Node Discovery tool (ND) does not have the ability to limit to a given modem type to respond.

Hi Jon,
YES, you can direct a node discovery on the ND command if the remote nodes have previously been assigned a node identifier (NI parameter).
See the details here in the Digimesh product manual:

To be clear of what Jay is referring to. The radios all need to be Digi XBee modules using the same protocol. The radios for group 1 must have all the same NI value. Same for Group B. They must have a different NI value than Group A but all the same value.
If you are mixing Manufactures, then no it is not possible.