XBP24 Node Discover problem


I am using two XBee Pro modules (V.10A5) on the development boards, and talking to them via the X-CTU app.

One is configured as a co-ord, the other as end device, auto association disabled, both PAN IDs identical, different Channels, all other parameters default.

Using AT commands from the Terminal, I am setting the end device Channel to match the co-ord then running a Node discover (ND) command. This fails to find the co-ord (I have verified that the channels match by running ATCH).

However, after I select the Modem Config page and do a Write on the end device, subsequent ND commands WILL find the co-ord.

Any ideas why this is necessary for the ND to function?

What happens if you repeat the experiment, but instead of using the Write option issue an AC command to apply changes after setting the channel? If that works, then I’d begin to suspect that the Write button in X-CTU is actually doing more than a simple WR.

Thanks a lot. That’s sorted it.