Node Discovery API details

I’m reading at pag. 45 of the DigiMesh User Guide about the ND command sent using API.

Few questions:

  1. the ds says the first field returned is the parameter ‘MY’. I searched for it in the whole guide without find any other information. What is it?

  2. Currently I have 2 DM Xbee PRO in my network. I issue the ND command using the API frame “Remote AT Command Request” and setting the receiver address as broadcast (0xFFFF).

I receive the answer packet but sometimes I receive it multiple times (with different frameID of course). Why?

  1. I can’t find in the guide the information about the maximum length of the “API-specific structure”.

  2. Parsing the incoming packet I found the SH/SL values are those of the sender, not those of the discovered module! What am I missing?

I hope in an answer!
Thanks in advance

Hi marcotrapanese

Actually, MY parameter is 16-bit Network Address used in Xbee addressing. It is not applicable for DigiMesh and is set to default ‘FFFE’. Hence all modules respond with ‘FFFE’ as first parameter when ND command is issued

Thank you. I wasn’t able to find this information in the user guide.