Migration from 802.15.4 to digimesh

I am current using Xbee S1 and willing to upgrade the firmware to digimesh to allow mesh networking. I was using ND in API frame to search nearby devices in 802.15.4 which returned the device detected and one additional frame in the end(which I checked to confirm that the network search has ended). Since I have migrated to Digimesh I am facing some problems to implement the same. In digimesh if I don’t pass a parameter after ND in the API frame I do not receive any additional frame like 802.15.4 firmware. After I tried adding some time limit parameter and updating, keeping value 0x20 for both, I observed that I am receiving only one device at a time. So if I have 5 devices it happens than many a times my ND response detects the same device multiple times. Same with DN and FN API frames. I know that increasing the time limit would be a better option but the value will differ for different number of devices to be detected. Is there any better solution than increasing the time limit?

Thank you for patient reading :slight_smile:


What firmware version are you working with?

What is the API frame you are sending?

Are you using sleep modes at all? If so, what are the values?

I am using digimesh firmware on Xbee S1 and I am not using sleep modes at all. I am sending AT command ND API frame from XCTU

Can you please provide the API frame you are sending to the module?