find IMEI wr21

How can I find IMEI number from a WR21, which the label fell off.

Modemstat ?, doesn’t work on up-to-date ( firmware wr21.

Command: modemstat ?
Command result

            Outcome: Got modem status OK
               Time: 1 Jan 2000 00:30:32
  Current system ID: xx
 Current network ID: xxxxx
            Network: xxxxx

Signal strength EVDO: -81 dBm
Signal quality (CDMA): RSSI -74 dBm, Ec/Io -31.5 dB
Manufacturer: HUAWEI Incorporated
Model: Huawei EM680 w/Gobi Technology
MDN: xxxxxxxxx
MIN: xxxxxxxxx
ESN: xxxxxxxxx
MEID: xxxxxxxxx
Firmware: D3600-STSUVH-1576 1 [Nov 23 2010 16:00:00]
Bootcode: D3200-STSUXN-1582
Hardware version: 40500000
Registration State: 1 (registered)
Roaming status: 1 (home)
Service capabilities: CDMA,EVDO Rev A
Radio interfaces in use: EVDO,CDMA 1x
Radio band: 800 MHz
Channel: 384
Preferred system: Auto
Activation status: 1
Current SIM: 1
Gobi Carrier: Verizon

pulled 20 minutes ago.

The device is in CDMA mode so reporting the ESN instead of the IMEI.

If you have physical access, just take the lid off.

If you don’t, you would turn on the trace feature on the asy ports of the modem and add the ati command to the init string option (simply i as you don’t need the at bit). Save the config and reboot then look at the trace. It will be shown in there if you are quick enough before it is overwritten.

Don’t forget, you have until the end of this year to replace this unit before it goes dead on Verizon.

Nicholas Wilson
Your IoT

a easy way to find a IMEI is open the unit and check in module