Digi Modem Not Obtaining IP Address

I’m running into an issue with a provided Digi Transport WR21 modem for PTC; the modem is populated with all of the appropriate information that I would expect to see after Verizon provisions it, however it is not obtaining an IP address. Could it be that the SIM card isn’t activated?
For your information the modem information is as follows:
SIM: 89148000001798110283
IMEI: 359225050714328
MEID: A0000053D40102
IMSI: 311480181370755
MDN: 7742126486
MIN: 7742126486

ya i think sim card not activated or the doesn’t have data balance in it. try to connect with local network using Ethernet port


from the web interface or CLI you should check the state of the module


this will say if the module is connected to the network and what the signal stregth is

if you dont have data on the plan the modem should still connect and provide an IP but would not pass data

if the sim is not active you will not get registered on the network and the command above would show that