firmare update of XBee ZB SMT

i use XBee ZB since a few years
i want tu use now the SMT version
first question : the SMT will be soldered on the card so how it is possible to update the firmware.
Second question : can i mixed the ZB version and ZB SMT version on the same network
Best regards

Hello David,

Is it a programmable XBee? If you mean to ask how to update the radio firmware, it can be done remotely with X-CTU or a ConnectPort. If you mean to update the programmable version’s application firmware, the SDK version 1.1 has some examples on how to do it. And in next release there will be an improved method. Best regards,

The 20-pin XBee and the SMT use different firmware, but the Xbee load under ZigBee does support Over-The-Air update. It is of course not 100% percent reliable, so it is best if you can halt normal ZigBee traffic and put the system into an idle ‘update firmware mode’.

As spastor mentioned, both a Digi ConnectPort gateway (like X2 or X4) can manage the upload. Or XCTU can do via remote config - see

I just realize that there is only one version of firmware for ZB SMT so I do not need to flash the firmware as with the normal versions . I have just to send AT commands to place the module in coordinator, router or End Device.
Ibegin to use XCTU in remote configuration mode and I find the operation hasardous, sometimes the module found the rest of the network and sometimes he sees only himself ! very curious ! unreliable !

Oh, I do not understand these