X-CTU Over-The-Air Programming Issue

Hi there,

I’m trying to use the X-CTU tool to reflash the firmware on a couple of XBee ZB Modules. More specifically, I would like to flash my XBee ZB running API end point (2964) to API router (2364). I also need to flash my XBee Pro ZB Wall Router running AT Router (2241) to API router (2364).

Over the network, I am able to discover the devices, read and set their parameters (such as association blink time), using the remote configuration window.

However, when I attempt to write new firmware to the devices, the remote configuration shows a blue progress bar moving right to left, asserts a “Programming complete” message – a “read” on the device shows that it is still running the old firmware.

I have tried checking (and not checking) the “Always update firmware” check box while doing this, cycling (and not cycling) the power on these devices, in addition to forcing them to rejoin the network with the commissioning button.

Does it sound like I’m doing something inherently wrong with the software in the programming process? If this is unclear, please let me know what screenshots would be helpful to see. Thank you!


I am also experiencing the same problem when trying to perform an over the air firmware update. I found this thread
but the procedure appears to be the same as you describe.

Has anyone been able to make this work?

Thanks, Ross.