Updating the firmware remotely

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I would like to know how to update the firmware remotely with the coordinator (ZB) mode API. I can only update parameters. Can I do it?

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You can update the firmware of the Coordinator(ZB), Please refer the document at the following link, “http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90000976_G.pdf”, see page number 25.


If you have a Digi gateway (such as an X2 or X4), you can use the Web UI to do a remote update.

If you have a new version of XCTU, then look for the ‘remote config’ tab when you have your coordinator attached to the serial port (or USB) of the PC. I do NOT know if this is documented - perhaps it is in the XCTU help?

The only downside is you get no error response if the update fails. f your remote device is doing pin-sleep, then remote update over-the-air usually seems to fail. Why? i don’t know, just you may find it easier to just reflash by placing the XBee in an XBIB board :slight_smile: