XBP24-Z7WIT Over the air firmware update

Is it possible to do a firmware update on Xbee Pro S2 XBP24-Z7WIT over the air?
Or a development kit is always necessary?

The problem is I would like to do a firmware update to a of site location were I have a zigbee network, but is almost impossible to go there and do a firmware update using a dev board.
There for I need to do it using the zigbee network is this possible?

Ok I found out that it is possible but I did not found how to do it…

Yes, it is possible but I don’t know how well documented it is. Digi does use the basic Ember over-the-air (OTA) method, so Ember might even document.

Plus I have found OTA firmware update fairly unreliable. In my own systems, I might try this on a dozen nodes, then just accept that I need to open/use the XBIB board on the 2 or 3 or 4 units which fail the OTA.