Firmware update with old devices


I have several older digiconnect me modules, with

  • Firmware Version _82000856_A 06/30/2003
  • Boot Version: _82000869_A
  • POST Version: _82000867_A

I think the DOS-tool “dgdcprog.exe” supports only the firmware file and not the post file.

Here my questions:

  • Is the Hardware ready for the newest firmware?
  • How can i download the actual firmware and post files?

Best regards Andy

Firmware A?! Where did you get those modules, out of a timecapsule? :slight_smile:

Seriously, you can get the newest firmware from website ( It should work on the old hardware. You should be able to load new firmware from the web interface; if there is one that is. If you have to use dgdcprog then I would just try uploading the firmware. You might be able to get by with a new firmware image but an old POST.

Let me know what happens.

Dev Kit only…

I think that your hardware should support up to NetOS 6.0b. I got A revision modules with NetOS 5 and upgraded without a problem. Newer than that (NetOS 6.0d on up) you are out of luck - Digi changed the internal hardware on the modules and things aren’t compatible any more.

You could try compiling the BSP rom.bin and image.bin and see if they upload, but several of the older modules will not update the rom.bin.

To recover the modules, do the pin 19 emergency diagnostic recovery.


Hi kjensen8

Tanks for you answer!

I have buy this modules with the eval Kit long time ago by the swiss distributor “Reseles AG”.

I tried a update with the web interface and the latest Post Firmware from the web.
I have made this without problems, but after the reboot i can’t found the device with the Device Discovery tool and Web Interface!

What can i do?

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