Firmware Version WR44v2 with Novatel E362 modem

I’ve got about 150 WR44v2 routers with the Novatel E362 modem installed using Verizon (US) wireless. Right now the routers are running a variety of firmwares in the 5.2.x.x range, and Device Manager is constantly pointing out that they are behind on important firmware updates.

My question is what sort of luck has anyone had with the later firmwares on that hardware? Looking through release notes on the website, the last version to even mention the E362 modem is which Device Manager still calls outdated. The 7.x.x.x and 8.x.x.x lines don’t show any reference to that modem at all.


I can offer you the following from the firmware release notes. There was partial support for the Novatel E362 module on firmware. By partial support, that means modules had shipped in Digi products in the past but are no longer actively
supported by the module vendor. Firmware testing no longer includes these modules, however every
attempt is made to maintain support as features and improvements are implemented. Issues with these
modules that are found by customers will be verified, scoped and either scheduled to be fixed or a newer,
supported module offered as an upgrade option.

Firmware version, which was the next release after, no longer supported the Novatel E362.

I hope this helps.

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